Published: 06th June 2011
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Proper occasion last year, Hoa Phat Furniture launches three new product lines from stainless steel: household goods, goods for industrial parks - public and medical equipment. The most prominent of which is a line of medical equipment (TBYT) with special features and diversity of style. Suite of products is the result of the actual process of research and new usage habits of the Vietnam market.

Proactively market tastes

According to research, now stainless steel (also known as stainless steel) are used with a wide range and tend to gradually replace the processed products from the steel by stainless steel is an alloy capable high corrosion resistance. So furniture manufacturers have chosen stainless steel material. However, product quality is not really stable, just the material medium, usually found in products such as chairs, hanger, swing and equipment for clinics, ultrasound, emergency room ... and are distributed through retail stores.

In addition, products manufactured from stainless steel has been the top choice in the market. Catching the trend, Hoa Phat Furniture has oriented manufacturing stainless steel products with various advantages to the market. The company uses imported stainless steel material to ensure product quality and high durability.

Hoa Phat products from stainless steel with high strength, good abrasion resistance

Products with clear quality standards and meet all the requirements: certain structures, pipe surface gloss uniformity, crisp, not bavia. The lines of this will contribute to the diversification of the market, partly meeting the needs of consumers for a new material, resistant to wear and beautiful at the same time, promoting the competitive advantages , brand reputation, supply capacity and improve the sector's share of the company.

TBYT Hoa Phat - The specialty of the community

Announced recently that the health sector, 80% of medical devices (TBYT) are imported with high prices. Doctor Hoang Hoa Hai, Head of Training and Research, Cho Ray Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, said the use TBYT to ensure the health of patients. With some beds and ancillary products for the treatment of other patients who need special care, most hospitals both central and local governments still have to enter the German, Japanese ... because domestic product does not meet the patient's posture.
Hoa Phat Ministry TBYT products - special lines for every public health
To address the Hoa Phat Furniture has invested in modern machinery to produce goods TBYT, while reducing the import burden for health sector overcome the inadequacies of the medical TBYT disease today. Wide variety of specific equipment to be deployed to every company because of public health such as beds, bedside cabinets, poles TV, pedestal seats, rotating stool; ambulance stretcher, ambulance stretcher trolleys, examination table disease, ultrasound table, medical equipment carts.

Examination table as well as other products TBYT Hoa Phat will meet industry standards

The type of bed frame designs medical industry standard TCVN Other products such as examination tables, table ultrasound, piles of medical communications ... also are produced in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Health for circulation, convenience and safety during use, creating comfortable for both nurses and doctors and patients, contributing to increased efficiency treatment.

Vietnamese with premium features, extensive distribution channels in 63 provinces and cities throughout the country team of customer care professional, stainless steel interior Hoa Phat will soon be Vietnam consumer choice.

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